Tricks for Picky Eaters

When a child is young they make prefer a certain type of food that they want to eat all the time. While everyone does have their favorite types of foods when a child is a picky eater parents tend to get worried. They want to make sure they are getting enough nutrients to stay healthy. There are some tips that can be used for picky eaters to help them experience new types of foods.

Respect Their Appetite

A child will eat when they are hungry. No child will intentionally starve themselves. Do not force your child to eat when they are not hungry. Also you should not force them to eat every bite of food that is on their plate. Your child may think that mealtime will become an unpleasant time. Serve small portions of food that way your child can ask you for food if they are hungry.

Develop a Routine

Meals should be eaten around the same time very day so that a child knows what to expect. Do not allow the child to fill up on juice and milk all day. Water can be served between meals. Also limit snack time. While it is okay to serve a snack between meals do not let the child fill up on these. Come dinnertime they will be hungry and more willing to eat new foods.

Be Patient

Young child may look at new foods the first time they see them but will not taste them. The next time they see the food they may touch it . The next time this food is introduced to them the child may decide to take a small bite. Repeated exposed to new foods will make the child more comfortable with them and more likely to take a bite. Talk about the new food with your child. Go over the color, texture, and shape. This will help your child become familiar with the food and they may want to try it.

Set an Example

If the child sees you eating the food they are more likely to try it. If you avoid the foods the child will not be interested. Children watch their parents carefully so it is important that you also eat what you are trying to serve your child.

Remove Distractions

Many people eat with the television set on and use their electronic devices during mealtime. This is more of a distraction that most people think. Shutting the television off and getting rid of other distractions will allow the child to focus on the food and will focus on eating. This may take a little while to get used to but it will help the child think about their food instead of what else is going on.

These are just some tips to help a picky eater get used to new foods. Children will eventually grow out of this stage but these tips can help encourage a child to try something new and get used to the idea of eating new foods.