Fun with Sandwich Bread


Sandwiches are a staple for lunches across the county. There is nothing that children dread more than opening their lunch box and finding the same old boring sandwich. Sandwiches no longer have to be boring with these fun and creative ideas for sandwich bread.

Pirate Sandwich Bread

A simple sandwich can now be changed into a private. This recipe is fun as well as quick and easy. All that is needed are:

  • 2 slices of sliced sandwich bread
  • Slice of red pepper
  • Slice of an olive
  • Chives
  • Sandwich meat

Sliced the bread into circles. Put the sandwich filling on one side of the bread and top it with the other. You can choose whatever lunchmeat and cheese that your children like. Top this with the other piece of sandwich bread. Cut the red pepper into a slice to make the bandana. Add the olives for the eyes, a carrot piece for the nose, and a piece of chive for the mouth. This will make lunch a lot more interesting when your child opens their lunchbox.

Mock Sushi

In addition to making the pirate out of a sandwich there are a number of other fun things to do with sandwich bread. For example sandwich bread can be used to make a mock sushi that children will find enjoyable and they will also find fun to eat.

To make sandwich sushi the following items are going to be needed:

  • sandwich bread with the crusts cut off
  • vegetables cut into chunks
  • cheese cut into chunks
  • lunch meat or imitation seafood cut into chunks
  • mayonnaise

Spread the mayonnaise on the sandwich bread. Add the chunks of cheese, vegetables, and the meat or seafood in the center. Starting at one end roll up the bread. Once the bread is rolled cut it into slice. This will make the bread look like sushi and it will be fun to eat.

Colorful Sandwich Bread 

To make regular bread interesting many moms are looking to add some color. This colorful bread will have the same taste as regular sandwich bread but it will be more fun to eat.

The following ingredients are going to be needed:

  • 4 cup lukewarm water
  • 4 packages yeast
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 12 cup flours
  • 2 tb salt
  • Food coloring of your choice

Mix 1 cup water, yeast, and the sugar. Allow to sit 5 minutes. Add remaining water, 6 cups of flour, and the salt. Beat this mixture with an eggbeater. Add the remaining flower a little bit at a time. Once the mixture is forming a dough, add the food coloring. If you are using more than one color divide the dough into different segments. Add one color to each. Let the dough rise for 45 minutes.

Punch the dough down and let it sit for another 20 minutes. . Shape the dough into loaves. Let it rise for an additional 30 minutes. Bake at 400 degree for 30 minutes. When you do to slice into the bread your children will be amazed at the different colors.