Ideas for a Rainy Day


Just because it is raining outside does not mean that the fun has to stop inside. Rainy does do not have to mean that the children cannot do anything fun. There are a number of activities to keep a child busy on rainy days. These activities are easy to do and will provide plenty of rainy day fun.

Have a Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are usually big hits with children. Items can be hid around the house. A parent can then give the child cues about where they are hidden. Once a child finds a clue they can move onto the next one. This will help keep the children busy and they will be happy when they find the treasure at the end.

Indoor Ball Games

Sports can be played indoors as long as the children are careful. There are small basketball hoops that can be set up indoors. A child can use a foam ball of they can crumple some newspaper into a ball and use that. The kids can shoot hoops from all around the room and dry to make different shots. Since the balls are soft they will not cause damage and the child will stay busy.

Put on a Show

Children love to be the center of attention. That is why putting on a show is a great rainy day activity for them. The children can write a play or make up some words if they are younger. They can then design the background and even make costumes. Costumes can be dress up cloths or they can borrow cloths from their parents. While the kids are performing the parents can record it and they can watch it together.

Sandbox Without the Sand

Children like to play in the sand and just because it rains does not mean the fun has to stop. A child can set up a fake sand box and have fun indoors. A large plastic bin or even a roasting pan can be filled with some rice or oatmeal. The child can then use their sand toys to play. They can use funnels, buckets, and other toys to enjoy the sand without making a mess inside.

Make Some Art

Children love to use their imagination and to play pretend. Many families have craft supplies around the home including water based paint, crayons, markers, and other things. The children can have some fun putting on an art show. They can designed a number of different works of art and then put on a show. They children can than take pictures of their creation and text them to friends or family members. They can also put them on the computer print them out.

Just because it is raining outside does not mean that the fun has to stop inside. These rainy day activities will keep the children busy when they cannot go outside to play. These games are so fun that children will not complain about having to stay inside.