It’s All In the Presentation: Getting Them to Eat Their Veggies

There is a constant battle going on between parents and children. More often than not it is the children that win this battle. This battle is over vegetables. Parents know the important of getting their child to eat vegetables. Vegetables have vitamins and minerals in them that children need to stay healthy. Children do not like the ideas of eating vegetables and refuse to eat them. Here are some tips to help get your child to eat their vegetables. The secret can lie is something as simple as presentation.

Make Them Appetizing

When making a plateful of vegetables for the child pay attention to how they are served. Make the vegetables look good and appetizing. If the vegetables look good the child is more likely to eat them. In addition to serving vegetables alone try serving them with a dip or something healthy such as salsa. This will allow the child to enjoy their vegetables. If they look like they taste good in the mind of a child they will taste good.

Make the Vegetables Interesting

Presenting vegetables can be half of the problem. There are some things that a parent can do to make the vegetables more interesting to the child. Cutting the vegetables into fun shapes can make them more fun and look good on the plate. Vegetables can be cut into a number of shapes to make them more appealing to the child. If they are fun to eat they will be eaten.

Sneak Them In

Until a child get used to eating vegetables on their own they can be snuck into other foods that the child will eat. Cauliflower puree can be put into tomato sauce and spread on pizza or pasta. It can also be put into the cheese sauce with mac and cheese. Other vegetables can also be pureed or mashed and snuck into foods that the child will eat. Until the child eats vegetables on their own this can be one way to get them to consume them.

Get Them Involved

When shopping for vegetables allow the child to pick out ones that look interesting. Take a walk through the produce section of the grocery store and allow the child to choose what they may like. If the vegetables get their attention visually this will make them more eager to try them. Parents also mix vegetables with other foods that the child already enjoys. For example you can get pizza dough, cheese and sauce at the store. The child can then top their pizza with a variety of vegetables. You can also try growing a vegetable garden. If the child helps with the planting and the care they will be eager to try them.

These are just some tips to help your child eat their vegetables. Be sure to remember that people especially children eat with their eyes first. If the vegetables look fun and are presented in a creative manner the child is more likely to eat them.