Keeping the Children Safe

Keeping your kids safe is a full time job for any parent. They can meet peril any time of the day or night. You have to be super vigilant and observant, and never let the young ones out of your sight–unless they have other authorized supervision. Their sense of reason is underdeveloped and they can wander into unsafe territory without ever knowing it. They can tempt fate, and they often do feeling a bit of daring in their souls. The point is, of course, to teach children about safety and to ward off potential accidents.

Kids can break things and cut their little limbs; they can get scalded with too hot bathtub water; they can slip on an oil slick in the garage; or they could fall down a flight of steep stairs. They can get locked in the basement or outside when no one is home. Poisons abound in homes without anyone realizing it—and they can be as close as under the sink. Open windows can suddenly fall shut or something from above can topple over onto small heads. When you think about it, it sounds pretty terrifying. Children can also run into the street before an oncoming car or they can take their bikes for a ride and break down. Predators can stalk them around school play yards or when you least notice them. It is a harsh, cruel world out there!

It seems that sudden danger lies in wait no matter how much you prepare. No wonder parents are paranoid about their kid’s activities and whereabouts. One other cause for concern are weapons in the home. Gun owners should fear unauthorized access to these firearms, even if they are in a locked gun safe. An accident only has to happen once. Horror stories abound. Parents forget to lock the safe after the last entry. It pays to take every precaution if you feel you must protect yourself with a gun.

One way is to get a secure housing unit for your weapon in the form of a biometrically operated safe. With this type of safe, in addition to or in lieu of a combination dial or electronic keypad lock, you can have a personal form of identity used to open it. It makes it just that much harder. People often use voice commands or special numbers such as a birthdate or social security ID; but fingerprints are also a great means of limiting safe access to only those permitted to enter and withdraw the contents. This is an ingenious invention that boosts security in the home and helps limit accidents.

Children are therefore as secure as you make them by planning ahead and teaching caution. They are never too young for instruction. Whether it is knives in the kitchen, chemicals in the garage, or guns in the attic, it is vital to take action to ward off peril. It is a parent’s full responsibility and no one else’s. Guidelines for safety in the home are readily available on line and should be consulted.