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There are Always Options

Being green is a great epithet to have associated with your actions these days. It shows responsibility and environmental concern. It is not hard to do your part. You can separate your garbage, take cloth bags to the grocery store to avoid hogging the paper bags, and you can recycle old appliances and metals. You can even donate your car to charity so they can sell the old parts for profit. It is a clever form of fundraising. It is hard not to be green as a matter of fact since it is so encouraged. There are websites devoted to instructions as to how you can comply. It is all about not being wasteful with natural resources and when using cleaning products, to make sure they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Fortunately, there are many product lines that boast of this advantage. They are to be used to clean your house first and foremost, but guess what, I also use them to clean my hot tub. The product description guarantees safe non-toxic ingredients. Is this carrying going green too far? By no means no. Nothing is exempt from environmental protection. I also appreciate that cleaning products are no longer laden with harsh chemicals that are harmful to pets and children. We have way too long been used to such brands before the green revolution. It is wonderful that we can do an about turn and correct our ways. I am concerned about my family and thus I buy a whole line of complete cleaning products. The liquids are colorless so they even look safe. Read the label if you don’t believe me. There is nothing dangerous or harsh.

Make a list of what you do to be environmentally friendly. I bet you will be surprised that it is not a long list and that there is a lot more you can do. Check certain stories that specialize in green living like Whole Foods and you will get ideas galore. You can even get special cat litter and recyclable cleaning rags. If you have a hot tub, I bet you never even considered the products that you use. You buy them at the pool supply store and go for the lowest price. If your tub uses chlorinated water, you may not feel you need to clean the unit at all. But not everyone uses chemicals in their hot tub for health reasons as there are consequences. These chemicals are harsh on the skin, making dry, red, and flaky. Remember, it is your children who are soaking in this water. So there are many dimensions of using and caring for a hot tub that bear scrutiny. Take it from me and include it on that list I asked you to make. Green products don’t cost any more than regular ones, so that is no excuse. Owning a hot tub need not make you an environmental violator. Get with the program and address the issue with care.