Family Life

Childhood Ingenuity

As a stay-at-home mom, I am always devising things for the kids to do when they are not in school or studying afterwards. There are activities you do inside such as games, movies, cooking with me, arts and crafts, and the like. Then there are those things they do outside; the primary one is swimming in the pool. They could spend hours there. They also like tossing a ball, skipping rope, listening to music while in lounge chairs on the patio, and playing hide and seek. Recently I saw them running the hose down the slide in the year and got the immediate inspiration to buy an inflatable water slide for our pool. It would be far superior to the makeshift one we already have.

The day it arrived by truck and was installed promptly poolside, the kids were in a panic to try it out. It was ready and waiting as there was no major work to do in getting it functioning. They started racing to the slide to see who would go first. “Take turns,” I cried but it didn’t matter. They went in the order of who was fastest in getting back on after a dunk in the cool pool water. It was a big hit. Why had I not thought of this before.

So the warm days flew by and they were spent in the pool and on the slide. Either a group of kids were in the throes of slippery fun or even just one loner who happened to be at home. I enjoyed their glee and thought about what else I could get to add to it. Maybe a raft for floating in the pool. They are inflatable and easy to store off season in the garage. Soon two appeared in comical shapes. If you don’t have a pool in your backyard, by all means take my advice and get one. You won’t then see your kids constantly on their cell phones or watching TV. They will get good exercise and will sleep well at night as a result.

One day I came home in the afternoon and no kids were at home. I suppose they were visiting friends or walking to the local store. I would see them soon enough but I needed to check the pool area to be sure before retreating to my room for a nap. I walked slowly to the edge of the pool as I couldn’t see much from my vantage point in the house in spite of the large sliding glass doors. I heard some odd noises and as I got closer I knew what they were. Our family dog was using the water slide and splashing about in the pool to get out and try again. I laughed so loud. It was a very funny sight indeed. I didn’t want to put a stop to it as the dog seemed safe enough. Most animals can swim and this pet was quite good at it.