Family Life

He Deserves It

Many women are proud of their husbands for how hard they work. You can include me in this group. I get so busy with household chores and the kids that I often forget to tell him how much I appreciate what he does on the job. He is a true partner in supporting the family. We are a team with our own specialties when it comes to making do. I love staying at home and would never complain. His success at work makes it possible for me to enjoy my life as a mom. I have to find a way to acknowledge his efforts. I am going to give him a Shinola watch for his birthday.

I have seen this cool timepiece on the Internet at various prices, but this time I am going to go whole hog and get a top-of-the-line model—the Shinola Rambler. I hear that its creation was inspired by American race car drivers. Wait till my husband hears this! The watch is based in Detroit (nice that it isn’t a foreign land) so buying it supports our economy. Who wouldn’t want this watch. The company is well known for its classic and meticulously-made watches. I would expect it at this price. I selected a watch of this nature because it represents something greater than the need for speed. It represents dedication, hard work, and the ability to go beyond normal expectations. That’s my husband.

If you are interested in more details, here they come. The Rambler has a chronograph stopwatch function, a bezel that allow the wearer to measure speed relative to time, and a classically-styled housing case. Other pluses are that it is water-resistant so you can easily ward off a splash from the kitchen sink faucet when washing dishes. In addition, the sapphire crystal means that you will get premium clarity and scratch resistance for the life of the watch. I know that my husband will wear the timepiece in good health and it will remind him of my love and appreciation. This is the kind of watch you can wear casually or for dress.

Women care about style in their watches, but so do men. They want something special, but also appropriate for their everyday lifestyle. The Rambler has style galore and my husband deserves it. I will treasure the look on his face when he opens his birthday package, topped with a big bow. I don’t always go overboard for every birthday or holiday, but this time I want to give him a message. There are times when we have to make ourselves heard. A stellar gift like a Shinola Ramble watch does the job. It speaks volumes about how I feel. He will know that it was carefully selected. I want it to be a gift to remember. I recall when I got my first watch at the age of twelve how thrilled I was because it meant that my parents saw me for the first time as an adult. This watch for my husband has its own tale to tell.