16 October 2014

Magic Tree House # 4 : Pirates Past Noon in @EasyLunchboxes

Rolled up ham with pirate rings, cheese stick, hard cooked egg with parrot drawn on, grapes, vitamin gummies, Pirate Booty (of course) and a chocolate medallion!

10 October 2014

Magic Tree House # 3 : Mummies in the Morning

We had originally intended on holding off until Monday for a Mummies in the Morning lunch even though John finished the book last night .... and then realized that there's no school on Monday and he was planning on getting lunch there every day except for Friday! SOOOOO we put our heads together and tried to figure out how to turn his snacky lunch for today into an MTH lunch.

Thank goodness for hieroglyphs and food markers!

My brilliant boy had the idea of drawing the clues from Queen Hutepi's brother on the mini banana muffins that were already packed in his Planetbox Shuttle! (He also has Mini Slim Jims, veggie straws, yogurt raisins and his vitamin/Omega-3 gummies.)

Next week? Pirates!

08 October 2014

Magic Tree House #2 : The Knight At Dawn

We read the second Magic Tree House book, The Knight At Dawn, over the past two days so tomorrow he asked for another MTH lunch! (AND an MTH-themed birthday party in June!)

Jack & Annie are bologna & cheese sandwiches. He's holding the castle book. She's holding her flashlight. They're standing in front of a cheese castle. He also has SnaPea Crisps with ranch dressing, grapes, and his vitamin/Omega-3 gummies.

07 October 2014

Phineas & Ferb

Clockwise from top left: sausage biscuit sliders with cheese Phineas & Ferb, fruit snacks (with vitamin gummies underneath), peach yogurt, grapes, Bugles

06 October 2014

Nibbles in @EasyLunchboxes

Clockwise from top left: yogurt raisins, veggie dip & spicy brown mustard, baby carrots, veggie straws, Omega 3 & Multivitamin gummies, honey ham chunks