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13 July 2014

Olaf from Frozen

John was thrilled when I told him that Frozen was available on Starz! We went and saw it in the theater when it first came out and he was so excited to see it again ... and to get another Olaf lunch out of the deal.

Olaf is peanut butter and jelly. His name is alphabet cookies. He also has pretzel sticks,  grapes and Bugles.

09 July 2014

Sara Stanley - The Story Girl

Lately I've been rewatching Road To Avonlea. It's one of my absolute favorite series based on stories by one of my absolute favorite authors -- Lucy Maud Montgomery. The series follows The Story Girl and The Golden Road (although, of course, taking quite a few detours and major plot changes along the way).

My lunch for work tonight was inspired by the character of Sara Stanley -- The Story Girl, herself.

I started by drawing Sara on a slice of provolone cheese. I used food gel for her dress and ribbon and natural powders for the rest.All of the drawing was done using a simple toothpick (or 6).

In one of our Laptop Lunch boxes, I placed the image on a bed of broccoli with letters cut out of colby jack cheese. The top right container has some yogurt. The bottom right container has some bacon slices.

Natural Powders from ChocolateCraftKits

07 July 2014

Bart Simpson in a PlanetBox

John starts the SayYes Summer School program today and is taking his PlanetBox Rover. It is packed with SnaPea Crisps and Buffalo Ranch dressing, grapes, peaches, Goldfish and a bologna sandwich with cheese Bart Simpson and chalkboard.
Bart and the chalkboard were drawn using natural food powders. The writing on the chalkboard was written with white food gel.

Natural Powders from ChocolateCraftKits

25 June 2014

Cheese-Veggie-Egg Pie with Ham "Crust"

I was looking at a lot of different crustless quiche and frittata recipes online and none of them were quite what I thought I was looking for. It was horribly hot and humid and I didn't really want to turn on the oven ... so the microwave, a silicone quiche dish, and a little creativity to the rescue! It totally satisfied my craving!

Packed in my beloved EasyLunchbox with a light english muffin (it was a high carb day for my carb cycling) and cream cheese:
Whole Pie: 810 calories, 52 fat, 70 protein, 18 carbs, 2 fiber (I packed 1/3 of the pie in the lunch)

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24 June 2014

Doctor Who - The Last Lunch for the 2nd

Grade, that is .... not Doctor. It's actually the first lunch for the 2nd Doctor!

John and I were watching "The Evil of the Daleks" the other day (which is largely reconstructed so some video, some still pictures, but all audio is in tact) and we decided that we needed Doctor Who lunches this week -- him for school, me for work. Since today happens to be the anniversary of that episode first airing we figured it was perfect! I even "Doctored" up our PlanetBoxes for the occasion!

 He gets the Rover ... I get the Shuttle:
Mine is chicken salad with cheese (meltable thanks to the silicone cup) and a low-carb spinach tortilla to make a wrap:
His is a PB&J Dalek with colby jack cheese "Exterminate," Alphabet Cookies "Dalek," fruit snacks, grapes & Bugles.