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29 September 2014

Kevin the Minion in @EasyLunchboxes

One of John's favorite YouTube channels is, of course, about Minecraft ... with the added bonus of Kevin the Minion from Despicable Me! So, thank you, Thinknoodles for the laughs ... and the insistence that Kevin goes to lunch.
Yes, Kevin is a Twinkie (and BANANA Twinkie, even!) and that's a VERY rare occurrence around here. He will be split in half (at least) and shared with a friend or two at school. Even at home the rare Twinkie is a shared food. He also has banana pudding, some veggie straws, mini Slim Jims, grapes, and minion graham crackers.

25 September 2014

Angry Birds King Pig

Clockwise from top left: yogurt raisins and vitamin/Omega-3 gummies, honey mustard veggie straws, ham pig with colby jack crown, alphabet cookies & Scrabble Jr Cheez-Its, string cheese

22 September 2014

Mr Alligator Goes To Lunch

A couple of Christmases ago John given Mr Alligator by one of my best friends and her son ... and he's remained one of John's best friends ever since!
This morning he asked if he could take Mr Alligator to school .... in lunch.
Mr Alligator is drawn on a pumpkin cream cheese sandwich that has one slice of wheat (for the drawing) and one slice of cinnamon raisin bread. He packed the rest of the lunch while I was doing the drawing and he chose carrot sticks with veggie ranch dip, a couple of Mini Slim Jims, yogurt raisins, and his vitamin & Omega 3 gummies.

18 September 2014

John made lunch (more or less)!

Thanks to some extra hours at work a couple of weeks ago I was able to say "yes" when John started pleading with me to get him one of Pottery Barn Teen's All-N-One lunch kits after he saw one that someone else was using. It helped that the pattern he had decided on was on sale, of course.

It arrived Wednesday just before he got off the bus and as soon as he saw it he started deciding what exactly had to go in and where. Basically, he made his lunch! (I just opened packages!)
Clockwise from top left: Vitamin & Omega-3 Gummies, yogurt raisins, veggie straws, leftover boneless garlic parmesan wings with dipping sauce, granola bar